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Blanket Coverage

Blanket Coverage
28.11.20 - 10.04.21

Textile Designer & Artist Laura Thomas curates a long-awaited exhibition platforming contemporary woven design


Blanket Coverage opens at Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre, Cwmbran, south Wales, on 28th November 2020, in a much needed review of how contemporary weavers continue to challenge the notions of this exciting and tactile art form.

Blanket Coverage highlights a diversity of practice, from the handwoven to the mill-woven, from the repeatable to the one-off, all with an impeccable eye for quality and attention to detail.  All demonstrate evocative use of colour, weave structure and yarn choice resulting in thoroughly covetable and highly collectable blankets to comfort and furnish our homes.

Featuring: Llio James, Beatrice Larkin, Angie Parker, Eleanor Pritchard, Sioni Rhys Handweavers, Catarina Riccabona, Margo Selby, Maria Sigma, Wallace Sewell, Meghan Spielman, Laura Thomas & Melin Tregwynt