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Current Exhibitions

Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre exhibitions present the best applied and visual art being made in Wales as well as bringing to Wales some of the most important and interesting artwork being produced nationally and internationally.

The diversity of our programme makes sure that all aspects of the applied arts are represented from ceramics, to glass, jewellery, sculpture and textiles. The artists we show in our galleries are both established makers as well a young artists at the start of their careers.



Ceramics from Anne Gibbs

Main Gallery

07 October 2017 until 18 November 2017

Anne Gibbs takes the time to stop and contemplate what she sees and experiences. She is minded to observe what often goes unnoticed, be it a tree on a hill we might see every season or a road junction we might pass everyday. Anne recognises the beauty in things and also acknowledges the pain, both often unexpected. Thus in her fine ceramic work we see calm delicacy often contrasted against rough, found objects. A metal pin might perforate a smooth surface, a sharp edge might be left on an object we could otherwise use.

Anne models and casts work in bone china, using a bright palette of colours. The sculptural ceramics she presents, sometimes in pairs and sometimes in large groups, are punctuated with objects she has collected. Anne’s work maps her life journey so far and does so without presuming what we, as viewers, might see in it.

Still is a chance for us to share and celebrate a wonderful new body of work by Anne as it tours to venues across Wales. The exhibition is accompanied by a variety of engagement activities.

A Mission Gallery National Touring Exhibition curated by Ceri Jones.


‘Building Works: Traces’

‘Building Works: Traces’

A selection of work from Geoff Bradford's photography practice

Galley 3

07 October 2017 until 18 November 2017

The subject of Geoff Bradford's photographic practice is the ordinary, overlooked and common-place and recognisable to everyone. It references the ‘made’ world and, though absent, a human presence is implied. 

As an artist/maker, he has lately considered the photograph to be a physical object as well as an image to be handled as well as viewed – one of the reasons for their relatively small size.