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11 September 2021 until 06 November 2021

Craft Showcase

Pas-man is built on the belief that function deserves beauty. Designed by Joost Pasman, he applies technical Dutch design principles to the unique visual language of leather to create products that elegantly bond form to function.


Mixing influences from contemporary culture in London with his Product Design training in Amsterdam, Joost creates striking design solutions for the modern user that bring a degree of luxe to the everyday. Through careful research and experimentation, pas-man continues to push new ideas in leather craftsmanship and define new relationships between product and user.


A sincere respect for leather reaches every aspect of his work and he believies that authenticity to our materials is integral to good design. Each pas-man product is handcrafted in his South-East London studio with meticulous attention to detail while the use of carefully and ethically sourced materials is engrained into the process.