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Blanket Coverage

Blanket Coverage

28 November 2020 until 17 April 2021

Main Gallery

We are thrilled to welcome back Laura Thomas, an award-winning Welsh artist, designer, curator and educator who has previously taken part and curated several exhibitions at Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre. Laura’s passion for weaving can be seen in her own work and also in her championing of fellow weavers. Blanket Coverage is an exhibition of contemporary woven blankets curated by Laura and involving makers from across Wales, the UK and internationally.

Their interpretations of the blanket push the boundaries of traditional hand weaving, designing for commercial production as well as address issues of sustainability. Traditional skills such as weaving are in danger of being lost as demand for them falls in the digital age. The threat to these skills which once might have been learnt at home or at school is having a detrimental effect not only on the creative industries, with even medical professionals reporting that they have seen a decrease in the physical skills which are vital in surgery.


The makers in this exhibition are ensuring that traditional crafts continue to not only survive but thrive, both celebrating and innovating the rich tradition of woollen blanket production. The skills, traditions and symbolism wrapped up in blankets make them a prized procession in every home, providers of comfort and warmth, which are passed from generation to generation.


Featuring: Llio James, Beatrice Larkin, Angie Parker, Eleanor Pritchard, Sioni Rhys Handweavers, Catarina Riccabona, Margo Selby, Maria Sigma, Wallace Sewell, Meghan Spielman, Laura Thomas & Melin Tregwynt

Blanket Coverage exhibition catalogue available to view here

Blanket Coverage exhibition catalogue available to buy here