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Leto & Ariadne

Leto & Ariadne

04 August 2018 until 22 September 2018

Craft showcase

Leto & Ariadne is the studio label of Nick Ozanne, a handweaver working on hand operated wooden looms. All parts of the process are carried out by hand in the studio, from the initial design and preparation of the warp, through to the final washing and hand finishing of the fabrics.

Using only natural fibres such as silk and wool as they work with the needs of the body and only improve with age and use, Nicks work is meant to be used; to be touched, stroked, caressed and lie against the skin providing a feeling of luxurious softness. They combine classic style with a deep sense of colour and his scarves were described by an article in Selvedge Magazine as allowing the wearer to ‘reconnect with a lost sense of Englishness’.