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Lost Connections

Lost Connections
Sharing the stories of lockdown, through the hearts and hands of the community

03 July 2021 until 28 August 2021

Gallery 2

Llantarnam Grange is thrilled to announce an exhibition organised by Naz Syed, celebrating and showcasing the creativity of the people of south Wales throughout lockdown, which opens at Llantarnam Grange, Cwmbran, 3 July 2021.


In these strange times, the human connections that we thrive on, are missing. Telling the stories of the community is so important – of hope, isolation, worries, memories, things that we hold close to us. What are we holding onto? What will we take forward from all of this?


Our hands tell a story and are a map of our lives and experiences. Naz Syed (Ziba Creative) and Llantarnam Grange’s mission is to enable the community to share their stories, record their thoughts and create digital memories by bringing them together online, and now in person again.


Lost Connections features a dazzling display of crafted artwork, telling the stories of the lives of people, their connections and relationships, both lost, distanced, found and fruitful. 


The Lost Connections exhibition is part of a wider project, a digital gallery, blogs created by the community (featuring stories about their time in lockdown and the artwork it has inspired them to create) and a podcast. The results of this network of creative responses can all be found at