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Ode to Anna

Ode to Anna

24 April 2021 until 19 June 2021

Main Gallery

Anna Atkins was one of the earliest female photographers, championing the alternative photographic process of Cyanotypes. In 1843, she bound the collection of the cyanotype impressions that she had created and produced the first ever Photo book, entitled “British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions”. On the 9th of June 1871, Anna Atkins passed away, making 2021 the 150th anniversary of her death.

Ode to Anna is a celebration of the legacy of Anna Atkins, not only highlighting the lasting impression she has made on the photographic world and its history but celebrates the important and multi-faceted presence of women in the history of photography.

Members of Phrame Wales - Photographic Collective, showcase work that has either been inspired by Atkins and draws attention to her originality and the themes surrounding her images. Ode to Anna exhibits a variety of work from the use of alternative processes such as chemigrams and cyanotypes, to botanical examinations and to work exploring women’s, photographic and object history.

Exhibiting Artists: Molly Caenwyn, Savanna Dumelow, Faye L-Griffiths, Kate Mercer, Sharon Magill, Jane Nesbitt, Tess Emily Seymour, Catherine Yemm, Patricia Ziad.